Most people want to skip the process, not knowing then when you skip steps, you miss lessons”

— Nipsey Hussle Tha Great


BirdyMusic is an independent recording artist, song writer, philosopher, producer and more. My hometown is Salt Lake City, Utah but have grown up in all different areas of Utah. Growing up my musical talent was inspired by my father, mother and families love for hip-hop music and the history behind it all.  My parent and family loved oldies. pop, r&b and rock. Around 9 years old I started writing music and i slowly gave up music for a while around the age of 16 but still would actively freestyle at parties or with friends whenever I got the chance. Later on in life around 2011 and after the birth of my first son I got an internship at a studio in Salt Lake City across the street from the shelter or "The Block" where I learned how to mix and record music digitally. 

After gaining more knowledge mixing and recording I started performing local shows at The Complex, The Venue, The Dawg Pound, Kilby Court and more in Salt Lake and Provo. Which eventually led to some great opportunities and taught me some valuable lessons about friends and my year of local shows, I'm thankful for the experiences. Since starting I have traveled and performed in Las Vegas, California, Arizona and Colorado. Getting opportunities to network and perform with major artist such as The Game, Compton AV, RJ, Mozzy, Spice 1, King Lil G, Jayo Felony, Suga Free, Bushwhick Bill of The Geto Boys (R.I.P.) WC, Baby Bash, Frankie J, Domino, Mike Jones, Kurupt, Tha Luniz, Lil Xan, Wifis Funeral, young Drummer Boy and the list goes on. Also have been featured with other independent artist and producers from all over the country. 

This is only the beginning and I'm grateful and excited for you to share it with me. Remember things are going to be hard but hard is good....




Palm Springs Show

If its hard thats alright, hard is good and good is better”

— BirdyMusic

BirdyMusic  Palm Springs show
BirdyMusic Palm Springs 1.1